Jeffrey "Doc" Feld
Jeffrey Feld, Podiatrist

Jeffrey Feld and his wife have lived in Virginia Beach for nearly 20 years.  They have 3 school-aged children that attend Virginia Beach City Public Schools.  His wife is a teacher, so he has a personal stake in improving our schools. He believes that we must keep pushing for improvements in our school district.  He stated, “our societies children are the future leaders who I want to help provide every advantage possible.  We need to help provide all students with the tools to succeed in anything this world throws at them.”  Jeffrey “Doc” Feld is an active member of the community.  Doctor Jeffrey Feld is a Podiatrist and owns his own medical practice at multiple locations.  He provides care and treatment for all age ranges and once was the Vice President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics whose focus was on the young adult population, so he understands kids well!   He even offers his medical services to help the elderly community in some of our local nursing homes.  “Being in the medical field he makes time to give back to the community as a wrestling coach and it is very appreciated.*”  Furthermore, “Doc” Feld provided treatment at the sand soccer tournament for multiple years, has served as a Cub Scout volunteer, donated his time in other youth sports like baseball and soccer and is very involved in his faith community.  Through his Podiatry practice and his community involvement, he has been provided feedback from people sharing their personal experiences concerning Virginia Beach Schools. Jeffrey is passionate about making our community and schools a better place for our children and teachers for now and for the future.

In these troubling times with COVID-19, also known as “the Coronavirus,” I feel it is very difficult to take issue with teachers and the Virginia Beach School District. The Virginia department of education issued guidelines not to grade work in the 4th quarter and Virginia Beach is following such guidelines. These are uncharted times and my hope is that we learn from this situation. In the unfortunate chance, that a pandemic should happen again, we can have a better practice in-place to hold our students accountable. Additionally, if a child does not have access to on-line learning all one needs to do is contact their respective school principal and request a “Hot Spot.” The same is afforded to any teacher whom does not have access to the internet as well. Although this situation is less than ideal we have first responders, workers in essential businesses and some parents who do not have the ability to oversee there child’s education. It is my hope that moving forward these issues will be mitigated so this does not inhibit the education of our student population. We have great teachers in the district and with my guidance, once elected, we can find a way to make this situation equatable and safe for everyone.

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