Currently the Grading System in the elementary school level is on a scale of: AP ,P, N, DP (Advanced Proficient, Proficient, Novice and Developing Proficiency) .  This grading scale is confusing for parents and students and needs to be reformed.  

Present grading practices at middle and high schools have lowered the bar for our students.  Deadlines no longer matter and extra work is created for the teachers.  In many schools, if a student does not turn in an assignment on time, a teacher is required to accept late work without penalty until the end of the term.  Teachers have indicated that this sends a poor message to the students.  In some schools, a teacher is not allowed to give the earned grade of a zero.  Instead a minimum grade of a 50 is given even if no work is done, yet in other schools a zero is able to be given. This creates inequality within our school district.  We must bring back accountability in the grading system and reduce the workload this puts on our teachers.


After 2021 school year the esteemed awards of Valedictorian and Salutatorian will no longer be given to students who have worked so hard to be the best they can be.  Top students should be acknowledged and I will fight to bring back these awards. In VBCPS there are awards for teacher of the year, superintendent of the year, athlete of the year; why wouldn’t we want to recognize the top academic students? 

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